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HIPPO by thedoberman HIPPO by thedoberman
Drawing that hippo the other day made me want to put my hands back in the clay... It s funny the way I draw in a cartoon style and sculpt in a much much more classical way...

I ve been adviced by fine arts professionals not to post my sculptures here, because " serious" art dealers and sellers don t like to see cartoony stuff and spider man next to bronze sculpture...

How nuts is that ?..

I hope u ll appreciate this one,
good day everyone!

My blog:
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thevoi Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015
MrTiddleywinks Featured By Owner May 8, 2015
Well I am glad that you post your serious stuff next to your cartoony stuff :) It shows how versatile you are! Keep it up!
BJ71 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
That is precisely what makes you so wonderful.  Humour is always 'demoted' in that kind of way - film, literature, art.  It's bizarre and infuriating.  You capture and display 'life' in all mediums.  Your art is astonishing and wonderful. *!@* the 'serious' dealers and collectors.  Hand them a sheet of gilded paper and carry on amazing the rest of us - I'll rob a bank so you survive :-)
MatthieuSoudet Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Professional Photographer
HAquitaniaFE Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
soooooooooo gooooooood Love it!!!
FredjoeCharliemoe Featured By Owner May 20, 2011
So creepy! haha (I always find find hippos creepy lol. awesome though!
Neizen Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010  Professional General Artist
[The art dealers can suck my hairy turkish balls]
[these are just amazing- dont stop, work will find its way to you]
knifekunst Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2010  Professional General Artist
wah. you make me excited to learn.
braadhaan Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010
i don't know what to say
Saafs Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
TheQine Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2009
This amazing piece has been featured! :dance:
Thanks a lot for the inspiration! :omg: [link]
Jengabean Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2009
Don't listen to them. This is wonderful btw!
jsoed Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2009
I love the your sculpting style! The blockish muscles are cool. :D
Cowboy-Lucas Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009
Wow, your animal sculpts are impressive.
What size is it?
Marmottegarou Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009  Professional Filmographer
très belle sculpture :)
contente que tu n'écoutes pas ces rabat joie et que tu partages aussi cette partie là de ta pratique :ahoy:
MonkeyFunkR Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009
Your sculptures are incredible.
miktroz Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Superbe cete série Hippo' ! Belle prise de vue : un look un peu 2d qui colle bien avec le dessin et l'illustration. :clap:
nitrouzzz Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Professional Artist
Its an amazing how You put Your drwing cartoon style in sculpture works!!! Wery well done!!!
MistahPete Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Professional Filmographer
Hippos kill more people in Africa than lions. They are scary. This is scary. You are scary.

Remind any "fine arts professionals" of this when they try and tell you what to do. You are bad ass.
blacksheep303 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009
so...cartoonists cant be serious? are you serious?
Bismihlah Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009
It's awesome! =x But hippos are among the most frightening of animals to me. This piece captures their grotesque ferocity perfectly!
micai Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Not upload your sculptures? Ridiculous! I love the style alterations you make when you paint vs. sculpt; it rounds out the look of your abilities very well :nod:

Yet another fantastic piece! I love the sketchy yet detailed look to it :love: Can't wait to see another sculpture of yours!
monikoko Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009
It's good to find out that someone is interested in many art expressions. After all you being like a robot if you create only one way stuff. I think seeing sculpture next to cartoon drawing is more exciting than seeing cartoon next to cartoon, between the cartoon and after cartoon...Variety of things makes you and other people be still interested in your art, at least me. Post more of your sculptures. This one is very beautiful and well made. Keep it goin'
TimTownsend Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Professional General Artist
Brilliant, just brilliant. I love the freedom and versatility you bring to the table. Fearless.
Hymenomycotina Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Hippos are so scary...
Ecija Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009
Art is art, and there is one definition for each person in the world. I do children's illustration and I love sculpture as well although I don't sculpt anymore...I'm a lazy ass. Keep going. Variety is the spice of life!
b0r-iqua Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009   Filmographer
Sorry, can't take this serious. The last uploads were doodles on napkins....



A smile came to my face when I saw that you made it into a sculpture.
TheDjib Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009
Et en plus, les photos sont belles !
Tu exposes toujours tes sculptures sur Lyon ?
Ink-Orporate Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful, the clay almost feel like brush strokes
Markside Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
I'm glad you post 'em here, but if you don't have a website up for your sculptures only, you should definitely get one. For ages I thought you were two different artists!:D
EatToast Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
chompa chomp! looks great!
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